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These are quotes heard from my 40 hours a week working in mental health... some of these are quotes from me some from other staff and some from patients.
No names are used to protect peoples rights. I will not... tell you if it was a patient or a staff member I am quoting...
it's the old saying you can't tell the difference between the staff and the patients.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Death of a crisis worker

Isaac J. Zito a crisis worker died recently from two self inflicted gun shots to the head. He had found enough dead bodies he knew how to do it right. He saved many people from the same end he himself reserved for his own end... He is survived by a mother and father and a beautiful boy whos 5th birthday party will be held the same day as his fathers funeral.
He will be missed beyond measure.


Anonymous said...

were you close to him?

i'm a 2nd cousin of his.
it's so hard to handle. :[

thank you for posting this though!

zifahgrrrl said...

I barely knew Isaac but have been strongly affected by his death. A huge loss. How could someone so essential in our community's support system slip through the cracks? Where do the crisis workers go with their crises? Will something good come of this tradedy? I hope so.

Lady J said...

I googled Isaac to see if there was any mention of him in the news and came across your post. I was a good friend of Isaac's for 8 years. I live and California and could not attend the funeral. I am so sorry for your loss. Isaac is the first thought that hits me in the morning and the last before I go to bed. I hope you are coping well. He taught me so much in the time that I knew him and here he is now teaching me about death. This is the first time I have lost anyone close to me.

Isis said...

That ain't right. If I once thought we human creatures were fragile , I now know so, so much more.

little lightening bolt said...

Sorry it took me a long time to get back to these posts. Yes issac is still missed and the tragedy of his death still causes immense reverberations for many of us that where close to him.
The question of where do the crisis workers go when in crisis? No where. That's the sad thing. even sadder still is that the mental health industries answer to staff going through difficult times is to ignore it. I cannot help but partially lay blame to the system for this.
Sassy Jade, it is good to see that some of his family posted here. Issac posted on some of these posts, he had an amazing sense of humor that really could put a spin on some of life's tragedies, which is why I am glad you found his posts here.
As far as my coping... nope. You cant cope for some things in life, they kill a part of you forever.
I think that's ok, we just have to morn what we have lost and keep moving.

Dom America said...

Just came across this blog while googling Isaac's name. He really is missed, and I feel so bad for his son that he won't get to grow up with that great guy around as a father. I saw him the day before he passed and he gave me an old Texas belt buckle of his since I was planning on moving from WA to TX soon thereafter. RIP Isaac, I hope I see you on the other side.