YO psyche ward!

These are quotes heard from my 40 hours a week working in mental health... some of these are quotes from me some from other staff and some from patients.
No names are used to protect peoples rights. I will not... tell you if it was a patient or a staff member I am quoting...
it's the old saying you can't tell the difference between the staff and the patients.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

1500 days will do that to any one I guess

"The reason why I'm paranoid or schizophrenic is because I haven't had sex in 1500 days. So I don't want to take the meds because it will decrease my libido."

the turd strikes again

"And there was a well formed turd, just laying right there on the floor. I asked him if it was his and he said no..."

talking to walls

"Hey sugar lips your gas tanks open."


"He gave us urin."