YO psyche ward!

These are quotes heard from my 40 hours a week working in mental health... some of these are quotes from me some from other staff and some from patients.
No names are used to protect peoples rights. I will not... tell you if it was a patient or a staff member I am quoting...
it's the old saying you can't tell the difference between the staff and the patients.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

senor sock

"It is not your turn to talk it is time to listen to senor sock, it is senor socks time to talk. Now you must hush."

does this TURD belong to any one

"HEY I hate to interrupt group but does this TURD belong to any one!!"


"Are you sure these medications will work on some one who has been circumcised? Because people who have been circumcised have higher red blood cell levels, and I think I've been circumcised twice."


"You can't treat my lice... I'm a rastafarian!"

all is fair in love and war

"If all is fair in love and war this here is viet fuckin nam."

shit on your ass

"You have shit on your ass. No you need to wipe it off... NO YOU HAVE SHIT ON YOUR ASS!! Wipe it off! No not your legs your ass, you need to wipe off your ass. You have shit on your ASS!"